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Nikisha Patton Handy

DCCCD/2 Inspire Peace
Owner of 2 Inspire Peace
Dallas/Fort Worth Area
My peace initiatives target those in the caregiving business, especially educators. As an educator, I know how much we give of ourselves. We are not compensated much, but we work at home and at work, so it leaves little time to care for ourselves. Especially considering those with children and families of their own.
I am a Wellness Consultant that specializes in mindfulness and meditation. I have too been burned out of the industry, and decided to come back to the industry in a much needed capacity, to be for others exactly what I needed. My passion for mindfulness and the education industry birthed 2 Inspire Peace in which I inspire self care and promote healthy holistic lifestyles to handle stress more effectively.
My ultimate goal is to foster a more compassionate and mindful lifestyle and well-being using mindfulness, meditation, and specialized programs to create a more peaceful way of life.