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Brian Ragan

Sinevant Corporation
Dallas, TX
Our mission is to be an important solutions provider in key growth industries in emerging markets. We do this through direct investments in projects and trade with local partners, governments and businesses in chosen regions.

Our key participation to date include sustainable agriculture projects in the Fatick region of Senegal. Our direct investment in a Cashew processing plant in Sokone support the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of achieving sustainable growth and employment for people in the region. This follows our successful execution of MDG rural electrification and irrigation programs in Ile-Ewei and Alasa communities in Oyo State, Nigeria.

The Made in Africa (MIA) initiative reinforces our fundamental belief in community development and economic empowerment. MIA involves the production of quality, decorative baskets by the women and youth of Mekhe, Senegal, for export, with 10% proceeds retained for community advancement.

Activities are currently underway to create U.S export pathways for women-owned spice and dried food processing in Lagos, Nigeria. And the distribution network for our Health and Beauty line of products are carefully chosen to reflect the commitment to the women and youth in the communities that we serve.

We consider ourselves global change agents in pursuit of development and empowerment of communities in LDCs.