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Jennifer Karsner

Founder & CEO

Jenn Karsner is the CEO and Founder of LINC, a platform that provides unrestricted access to expert level education for creatives in the beauty industry through live events, online curriculums, interactive webinars, & a community

 Known in the industry as “Jenn Creates”, Jennifer has been involved in the artistic community her entire life. At a young age, she began as a dancer, choreographer, and Artist.  She received a scholarship to the University of the Arts, where she declared a focus in dance education.

Following her dance career, she then applied the education-first approach to a career in sales and marketing where she trained international sales teams and created marketing recruitment strategies for Fortune 500 Companies.  Though successful, Jenn missed being an Artist.

 After becoming a newly single mom, Jenn had a bigger vision for her family.   Dreading the monotony of the corporate world,  and wanting to pursue her creative passions.  She attended cosmetology school in an effort to bridge her business background with her creative passions.

 While in cosmetology school,  Jenn was discovered by Raw Artists where she found her passion for the fashion industry.  Combining her networking skills and artistic talent Karsner was able to leave school with a full clientele and signing to top agency, Wallflower Management, which quickly escalated her career. As an artist, she speaks nationwide on success strategies for creatives, works with some of the most ICONIC industry professionals, and has an extensive client list including; FortyFiveTen, Frito Lay, Nieman Marcus, Gabrielle Union, Leanne Rhimes.

 LINC derived largely from Jennifer’s personal experiences with traditional schooling.  As a master trainer of successful teams in her previous profession, She realized not everyone received information the same way. and education geared toward the masses wasn’t an accurate reflection of the intellect of creatives.

 Jennifer combined her experience, connections, and the knowledge amassed from industry leaders developed an innovative educational platform which quickly turned into a nationally recognized company in the beauty industry.  During a national tour, she witnessed firsthand many creatives struggling with schooling and self worth because they lacked proper guidance and instructors who understood them in a manner that helped them retain information.

 Jenn realized there were barriers in the industry and jumped at the opportunity to fill that void.  She left her popular company and founded LINC.

 Through LINC, Jenn leads a team of industry and business leaders who share a passion for alternative, restriction-free learning.  In a world where the creative workforce & technology are the future and traditional jobs are becoming increasingly obsolete; LINC, is merging the unification of both industries.  Through creativity, innovation, a relatable network, & learning, her company is able to increase the awareness of opportunities in a flourishing market. By packaging content in a manner conducive to learning and the ever-changing schedules of creatives, Jenn remains at the forefront of innovation in her industry.