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Cameron Gawley

Co-Founder & CEO
Dallas, Texas
Cameron Gawley is CEO and Co-founder of BuzzShift, a digital strategy firm for mid-sized and large brands. He’s most comfortable when challenging the status quo. A serial entrepreneur and growth hacker, he started his first company—a managed IT service called Computeks—at age 18. He went on to start Boomerang Data, an SAAS and online data backup company, before co-founding BuzzShift, a digital strategy agency.
Besides starting his own companies, Cameron encourages innovation in others by mentoring at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center and serving as an angel investor for early-stage startups. Naturally curious and creative, he goes beyond being an early adopter to envisioning what could be and working to make that potential a reality. The ultimate D.I.Y. guy, he is always taking stuff apart—figuratively and literally—and figuring out how to make it work better. He is also passionate about cause marketing, and has worked with nonprofit organizations throughout his career to help them reach their world-changing goals.
As CEO of BuzzShift, Cameron has successfully built a team and a culture that can tackle almost any marketing challenge with outside-the-box, data-informed solutions. BuzzShift partners with clients as varied as Verizon and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, designing programs that connect with people individually and yet are measurable, trackable and scalable.
Interesting fact: Cameron inspired a line of ceiling fans that are named after him. No, really.
Cameron ranks as #5 on Business Insider’s list of the 25 most influential ad execs on Twitter. He is a founding member of the Social Media Club of Dallas, and Board Member for the American Advertising Federation of Dallas. Most recently, Cameron was selected by the US Embassy to serve as the keynote speaker at the Project Disrupt Conference in New Zealand.