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Doric Earle

Forward Planning & Dallas Unity Fund
Managing Partner

Doric Earle is dedicated to helping communities, social enterprises and entrepreneurs achieve collaborative, engaging and analytical solutions. Social impact is integrated into all of his work. From his Solution Broker firm, Forward Planning; to teaching at UT Dallas and SMU and work with co-founded community-based real estate platform, the Dallas Unity Fund, LLC; and NPs, Bridge Lacrosse, Good Faith Impact, Frazier Revitalization and Miles of Freedom.

A PhD in Public Affairs with a focus on Urban Planning defined the foundation of his work that uses economic development as a catalyst to unlock potential in low-income communities. This economic development and place-building, focusing on entrepreneurship, is further seen through Doric’s developmental facilitation of an incubator for entrepreneurs in South Dallas (The District).

Working as a strategic planner and economic developer with Forward Planning, Doric helps individuals, corporations, and municipalities maximize their innate strengths and achieve long and short-term goals through analysis, project management, and leadership development.

Doric spent thirty years in data analysis and development, (during which he earned his PhD)  working as an executive for large corporations, creating small companies, and launching new service concepts.

Dr. Earle understands cultural, social, and economic diversity through his global work, while balancing the need for collaborative growth and understanding by working with a series of equally educated and diversely experienced individuals to ensure all development is driven with a well-rounded perspective. As a Data Fellow, and a collaborator with the SMU Hunt Institute, Doric is working on eradicating poverty through the application of technology and a co-created platform that provides accessible housing to Fair Park (South Dallas) with the Dallas Unity Fund, LLC.