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Jenny Siede is the co-founder of Dallas-basedapparel development company, In Style Exchange(www.instyleexchange.com IG: @instyleexchange).Jenny holds a Bachelor of Science Degree inComputer Science from Northeastern University,Boston Massachusetts.She knew she wanted to be a maker, a creatorsince she was three years old. Growing up in HongKong, she used to go to tailor shops with her parents. She knew someday she would work in thefashion field. A happy detour, she chose to studyComputer Science in college because she wantedto challenge herself doing something she neverthought she could do. The experience wasempowering. She was one of the two femalegraduates out of 33 to complete the program.After graduation, she went to work for Cheshire Software, later it became a subsidy of Morgan StanleySmith Barney developing software for the financial industry. Later, she joined the medical research andpharmaceutical sector to work on applications for FDA/clinical trials data processing and mining. Whileworking full time, she continued her education in Management Information Systems at BostonUniversity, she also obtained her certificates in Managerial and Financial Accounting from BostonCollege. She then joined Inforonics on developing e-Commerce platforms for various industries. Jennylater moved to Atlanta Georgia and joined the Information Technology Department of Mirant Energy oncreating real-time trading applications for traders and brokers.Jenny’s background in technology and in executing innovative ideas helped prepare her for taking a leapof faith in pursuing a venture in the field of Fashion Design and Apparel Development at the time whentechnology was still not widely used in fashion development and merchandising. In the past 15 years,she has been working with designer entrepreneurs to take their concepts from visions to productionsusing her proprietary method in process engineering. She believes you can create anything and with theutilization of Optitex 2D/3D technology, you can streamline the lead time from samples to productionwith better fit and accuracy. She enjoys working with like-minded risk takers who understand theimportance of a blueprint is a must for success. Quality is never an accident, anyone can be bothbusiness minded and creative with determination, and a healthy dose of optimism. You could neverreplace a focused passion with just mere day dreams.Jenny serves on the Board of Directors of The Fashion Group International (FGI) of Dallas. She waselected the Regional Director of FGI of Dallas in 2011 and served a term of 3 years. She co-chaired theFGI Scholarship Competition from 2013 to 2017. She enjoys learning new technology and thinking ofsolutions to do things faster and better. Her husband is in Cancer Research, with their son, she exploresevery idea in the Universe and opportunities for creativity is endless. Weekend is always fun.