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Olivia Cole

Founder and COO
Olivia Cole is co-founder and COO of greenlight, a creative brand agency located in the Trinity Industrial District of Dallas, Texas. Together with Erik Herskind and Todd Lancaster, Olivia leads a mighty, yet nimble team of strategists, artists and doers. In the 12 years since greenlight’s founding, the agency has successfully built and concepted brands across the retail, hospitality and spirits industries; reinvigorated legacy brands; and is now hyper-focused on creating branded experiences that connect their clients to a connected customer.

In 2016, Olivia, along with her partner Erik, opened HOWDO - a modern meeting venue that was inspired by the principles and theories that have influenced greenlight’s success. HOWDO was created to enhance and compliment the greenlight brand, yet stands on its own as a space intentionally designed to ignite curiosity, creativity and collaboration for the Dallas community.